Block Management from Patrick Gardner

After numerous requests from Landlords looking for an agent to manage their developments, Patrick Gardner & Co decided to expand the business into Block Management. In 2016 Patrick Gardner Management Co Ltd was formed, with Susan Gandar, a former Partner of Patrick Gardner with many years experience in the property business alongside Jackie Collett, who runs the accounts side, taking on the challenge of building up the business.

Susan has seen the growth of the Block Management department through her management style of transparency, professional yet friendly customer care with a quick response to their Client’s needs. Both Susan and Jackie have worked hard to make sure that their growing team follow suit.

Following this philosophy, the team deal quickly and efficiently with the day to day correspondence and utilising the skilled local contractors to process any maintenance requirements.

Patrick Gardner Block Management pride themselves on the fact that they charge a flat fee for our management services with no hidden extras.

Why Choose us?

With over a decade of experience, we know how to provide outstanding block management services to our clients.

Strong Financial Management – we follow RICS Service Charge codes of practice, to give the foundation for sound management. Without good financial control, no agent can provide the required services. Your monies are held in Client Accounts specific to your development. We operate in an open and transparent manner with easy-to-understand reports sent to Directors to keep them updated.

Connected Workforce – all our staff can access everything via the Cloud. This ensures that we can dedicate more time to the running of the development including site visits to monitor issues and contractors.

Proactive Management – by spending more time at your development, we can identify any potential risks or faults before these can escalate. We always advise of our visit so we can meet any responsible persons affected.

Transparency of Services – We offer a clear and simple service, with a flat management fee for all our undertakings. This allows the client to clearly see the services they are paying for. We also offer full visibility of the expenditure to your directors at any time and to all owners by request.

Shared Portfolio for Better Management – Our property managers share our portfolio meaning one of the team will deal with your issue quickly and efficiently guaranteeing it will not be forgotten.

Strong Relationships – We realise our business is based on relationships whether you are a resident, director of a Residents Management Company or a developer, we want to ensure you are happy and would recommend our service to others.

Block Management Services

♦  Prepare budgets for approval, calculation and collection of service charge
♦  Filing of accounts/annual returns at Companies House where necessary
♦  Debt recovery of outstanding service charge
♦  Ensuring the building complies with current legislative regulations
♦  Arranging and running AGM’s
♦  Regular block inspections and reports on outstanding jobs or scheduled maintenance
♦  Quick responses to emails, telephone calls and correspondence when dealing with day to day queries
♦  Appointment of local trusted independent contractors with competitive quotes
♦  Arranging buildings insurance and administering claims handling
♦  Negotiation and management of maintenance contracts
♦  Long term maintenance planning and management of reserve funds to meet plans

Developer Services

♦  Assist with budgets for sales purposes
♦  Assist with Leases to make sure there are no contradictions
♦  Explanation of service charge to leaseholders
♦  Liaise with leaseholders regarding issues on the development removing the task from the developer

To help with sales:

♦  Local contractors and management of work to a high standard
♦  Regular meetings with leaseholders to get their input on the development
♦  Sales department if required

Investment Landlords

We manage residential and refurbished properties for investor clients in the South London, Surrey and West Sussex area.

What do we provide?

We can arrange consultation anywhere in South London, Surrey or West Sussex. We provide expert guidance and advice with regards estate management, service charge budgets, maintenance plans and costings. We ensure properties are managed to the highest standard.  Where major works are required, we have a wealth of knowledge undertaking Section 20 consultations successfully.  We will engage with leaseholders every step of the way on your behalf.

The list of services are the same as the block management, however, we can also collect, recover and process the ground rent collection on your behalf.


What are service charges?

Service Charges are charges payable by the leaseholder to the landlord/management company for services that are provided under the terms of the lease. These will be a variable amount changing year on year depending on the costs that have been incurred. The way these are charge is set out in the terms of the lease.

Examples of service charge?

The service charges include maintenance and repairs and sometimes improvements of the exterior, structure, roofs, foundations, window frames, guttering, communal drains and pipes and common areas. The charges will also include insurance costs (building, engineer, etc.) and the management fee for the agent. This list is not exhaustive and for full details the leaseholder should check the terms of their lease.

When are they payable?

The lease states the demand dates, and this can be annually, half yearly or quarterly. Most leases allow for the collection of the service charge in advance and provide 21 days to pay.

Estimated costs and final accounts

Service charges are worked out on the charges from the previous years and planned works, therefore are an estimate of what will be spent in that year. At year end we will organise for a detailed expenditure report to be produced which are the end of year account and this will be circulated to all leaseholders once completed.

Reserve Fund

This is also known as a sinking fund. The purpose is to build up a fund to pay for future larger scale works such as repairing/redecorating the whole building or in some cases replacing windows. This is an attempt to spread the cost of these works so that leaseholders do not receive a large one-off bill when these works become necessary. Unless they agree to the contrary with their own buyer, leaseholders will not receive any of this contribution back if they sell their premises.

Service Charge Monies to be held in trust

The law states that any service charge contributions are held on trust by the landlord/management company for the leaseholders. This means that the money can be held in one or more client accounts at a building society or bank to be used for the purposes stated in the lease.  If the landlord or his agent become insolvent such money is protected for the benefit of the leaseholders from any creditors seeking payment.

Major Works and Consultation

If a landlord/management company propose to carry out works that will cost any one leaseholder more then £250 including VAT then they are required to go through a consultation procedure under Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. This process involves providing the leaseholders with notice of the anticipated works and allowing them to provide both observations and nominate contractors from whom the landlord/management company must approach for an estimate. Once these estimates have been received a second letter will be sent outlining the estimates and the chosen contractor. Once the two letters have been sent and the time period expired then the works can be instructed.

To see our complaints procedure – click here

Please note – 

Patrick Gardner Management Co Ltd is an appointed representative of Guy Penn & Company Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office: Coverpoint House, St Davids Road, South And Hove Road, Lytham St Annes, FY8 1RP. Registered England. Company number 1019647.