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The Autumn Market

Our advice whether buying or selling this Autumn is that as ever pricing is the key.  We are fortunate to live and work in one of the UK's most aflluent areas and consequently we regularly enjoy a strong property market.  Nonetheless, don't get too carried away by the headlines we read and quality advice remains ever important.  Stick to the tried and tested methods of sale and purchase.  Sellers: ensure that your property is looking at its best, make sure that you have an agent acting for you with a superb track record in marketing and doing great deals in the local area and above all accurately price your property to sell.  Buyers: look for the best conveyancing solicitors - they will save you time; and take independent Financial Advice ensuring that you have the best mortgage product for you.  Buyers and sellers: be flexible, be reasonable, be helpful and remember that this is not just about buying or selling a property.  For most people involved in a property transaction it is about moving on and starting a new chapter in one's life which above all else, surely must be one of the most important factors?