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Guide to Selling your Home Successfully

James Cargin, Partner, Patrick Gardner and Co. Dorking

Once you have made the decision to sell your home there are a number of ‘Golden Rules’ you should follow in order to ensure your property appeals to the maximum number of potential buyers and more pertinently this will assist in achieving the best possible price for your property.

The next few pages will guide you through the all-important ‘house staging’ process.

Get rid of all unwanted items by clearing clutter. Make the best use of all storage areas including wardrobes, sheds, outbuildings and garages without filling them so full the contents fall straight back out when you open the doors! Alternatively, use the facilities of a storage company as a short-term solution while you ‘showcase’ your house; if you haven't used the item in weeks or months why have it cluttering up the house. Sell or give to charity any items you won’t want to take with you. If they are not good enough to make the grade for the charity shop then simply fill the car and take a long overdue trip to the local recycling centre.
Your house is now free of unwanted clutter and is already feeling like a more spacious, brighter and open house. Now it’s time to be critical about those rooms that have been slightly neglected and are starting to look a bit tired. Remind yourself of all those little jobs you’ve put off to another day…that day has now arrived. Any small items that need repairing, leaky taps, broken door handles,……..
Would any of the rooms benefit from some ‘freshen up’ decoration? If you are going to remove any out of date wallpaper or re-paint any of the rooms make sure you stick to neutral colour schemes. By having neutral colours this helps prospective purchasers get an idea of how their own furniture could look in the house. However, don’t be afraid to accessorise with strong colours. This can give your property the ‘Wow’ factor but does not easily offend, as all the items are removable.

The whole house is not going to require redecorating but it may be sometime since those corners have been cleaned. Give your house a thorough spring clean. Make sure the windows are clear and free from ugly streaks, make sure the bathroom tiles are sparkling, make sure the kitchen work surfaces have been wiped down and don’t leave any clues as to what you had for last nights supper! Perhaps take the curtains to the dry cleaners to be freshened up. Vacuum in to those hard to reach corners.

When preparing to sell your house it is easy to forget that the first impression any potential buyer will have of your home will be made before they even set foot through the front door. What they see when they arrive at the house could have a significant influence over their view of the property.
Rid the driveway of any unsightly weeds, mow the front lawn, and make sure the flowerbeds are neat and tidy. Does the front of the property need painting? Perhaps the front door would benefit from a fresh coat of varnish? Give the door furniture a polish and finally make sure the door bell works!

Home staging
Now it’s time for the ‘finishing touches’. All the major clearing and cleaning has been done, the tool box and the paint brushes have had an outing but how do you make your house stand head and shoulders above the rest?

Open all the curtains and blinds
If the weather permits open the windows
Neatly make up beds
Make sure the house is warm
Turn on lights and bedside lamps
Store children’s toys away
Neutralise cooking and pet odours
Take pets out during viewings
Remove rubbish bins or bags
Have fresh flowers around the house
Play down tempo background music
“And of course get an expert from Patrick Gardner & Co to show prospective purchasers around.”