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Buying to Win

We suggest some ways to ensure how buyers can get just what they want when buying a home.

There are homebuyers who demand the best of everything in anything they purchase - the latest granite kitchen, the Phillippe Starck bathroom and decor in fifty fashionable shades of greyl  If a house or flat doesn't have these things some buyers will not even view.

This instant satisfication and perfection could mean missing out on a couple of important things when buying a home.    They are foregoing the opportunity to choose what they really want and instead getting what someone else wanted and to change it again would cost a fortune.  They are also missing out on the increased value of their home once it has been transformed from flawed to fabulous, tired to trendy, slumbering to slick or dated to dazzling.

"But the bathroom went out with the ark" say some buyers - great!  "The kitchen has seen better days", say others - wonderful!   "There's woodworm", eek still more - so there's woodworm!  All these bad things mean one good thing - POTENTIAL.  Grotty can be good.

Yes it means more work and you should always get a survey so that you fully understand what needs to be done.  But almost anything can be fixed.  All you need are the right bones - windows and doors in the right place - and of course, the right location:  for maximum benefit always choose the smallest house in the best road rather than the other way round. 

At the moment there is very little on the market and buyers are often looking for finished homes with a high specification.  This provides lost of opportunites for buyers who are prepared to roll up their sleeves. 

Remember:- Condition is temporoary but location is permanent.  Also, that perfection in property is a myth.  So forgt the 100% home.  It doesn't exist except in the minds of the romantic.  Instead why not buy a 50% home and make it 90%.  Choose wisely, modernise well and don't go over the top and you will end up with more or less exactly what you want just about exactly where you want it.  This usually results in two things.  It makes you happy and makes you money.  And there aren't many things in life that do both at the same time.